i came across this quote the other day:

"change is the essence of life. be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."

needless to say, it crushed me.
i actually like change. i look forward to it.
when i was younger, i would close myself in my room and rearrange my furniture for no good reason at all.
truth is, that change probably made me feel good.
i always did sleep well that night knowing things would be different when i woke up.

it would be interesting to go back and watch my life to see if that was a response to some innate need for change.
but that is neither here nor there.

but in my fondness for change, i had really never considered its true significance until i read that quote.
i believe that while all change is not necessarily meant for good, it can still be used for good.

change really is the essence of life.
change is a tangible expression of grace.
it is a picture of redemption.
of restoration.
of salvation.

without change, things stay the same. it seems to me that was never the intent. the same only works once...when it was new. when it was the change. even routine works when it is the change from the lack of routine.

i wonder what would happen if we were able to embrace change.
what if we valued it?
not because it is easy or safe.
but because it is hard and risky.

change is coming.
for our young adult community it means gathering on monday nights instead of wednesday nights.
(a change that arouses the question, "well, what are we going to do on wednesday nights, now?")

all i know is that holding on to what we were will never make us what we could be.




this past week at selah, we did what we call "selahX."
we want to provide an environment to eXperience.
instead of doing church. instead of looking at the backs of each other's heads.

from what i understand it went well. people were impacted. hopefully, lives were changed.

here are a few pictures that blake took.

there are a few changes coming for our ministry.
i will blog about those this week.