I could work with college students the rest of my life.

I love doing what I do.
I love Monday nights, I love Sunday mornings, I love home group nights, I love Saturdays at Forsyth Park.
I love having our pantry raided by hungry college students.
I love seeing young adults make their own decisions.
I love Wii Parties.
I love seeing faith lead to action.

I have learned, lately, that I love being where I am supposed to be. I love being WHO I am supposed to be.
For much of my adult life, I was neither.

As of today, September 1, being where I am supposed to be will change. I am no longer the College Pastor at Bible Baptist Church.

I am now the "Student Pastor." I will work with Middle and High School students.
I feel a bit like Jessie Spano on that Saved By The Bell episode (minus the sleeping pills):
"I'm so excited
I'm so excited
I'm so.....scared!"

Ok, I am really not scared. Ministry, to me is not a series of stepping stones leading to some ultimate goal. It is not about filling my resume for future jobs. Ministry is about the present, the here and now.

Meredith and I do not totally understand what God is up to, but we rarely do, and it rarely helps to know it. We just know we can trust Him. After all, over 4 years ago, I moved to Savannah to teach math, physics and Bible and coach volleyball and baseball. That did not make sense, necessarily, but those two years have started to make a pretty important piece of the puzzle of my life.

College students and young adults: we are so thankful that God allowed us to serve you for over 3 years. We are blown away at what He has done in us because of you all. We are so stoked to see what God does through Travis' leadership. Thank you for trusting us and for allowing God to work in you.

High School and Middle School students: we are so excited for this opportunity. We look forward to learning from you and being changed by God through you. Please trust that we will continually follow what God lays before us and we ask that you follow us and journey alongside us. We are in this together.