Here are some things I have been thinking about recently...

+ I wish I would have paid more attention in college.

+ Stepping stones never help the present.

+ I miss playing baseball...but my shoulder doesn't.

+ There is a human growing inside of Meredith's stomach...sometimes that is weird.

+ Churches should be less focused on church and more on Jesus.

+ I never want comfort to interfere with an abundant life.

+ I am really excited to be a dad.

+ Meredith is too good for me.

+ I miss my friends.

+ I need to be challenged...continually.

+ Tim Tebow.

+ There is nothing quite like peace.

+ Love must be the beginning and the end of all things.

+What are you learning?+



there are people who have always motivated and challenged me.
some have done so athletically, others socially, many scholastically...but few have challenged me holistically.

one of the few is a friend of mine named james rowell.

do yourself a favor and read everything he has here.


old becomes new.

it is a fascinating thing when what was once old and forgotten is found and made new. for some, it is exhilarating...the thrill of the discovery and the hope from its restoration.

i am exhilarated.

sometimes, it takes the ancient history of the past to make you new again.
i guess what i am learning is that being "new" is not necessarily a method of reinvention, but rather a re-discovery of what was old.

old, simple truths.
old, simple memories.
old, simple observations.
old, simple context...somehow realized in the new, chaotic life.