Here are some things I have been thinking about recently...

+ I wish I would have paid more attention in college.

+ Stepping stones never help the present.

+ I miss playing baseball...but my shoulder doesn't.

+ There is a human growing inside of Meredith's stomach...sometimes that is weird.

+ Churches should be less focused on church and more on Jesus.

+ I never want comfort to interfere with an abundant life.

+ I am really excited to be a dad.

+ Meredith is too good for me.

+ I miss my friends.

+ I need to be challenged...continually.

+ Tim Tebow.

+ There is nothing quite like peace.

+ Love must be the beginning and the end of all things.

+What are you learning?+


beencalled said...

Tim Tebow is right!
I've been learning a lot too.

-I miss having a college ministry

-Because of that, I've learned to feed myself.

-You don't realize what it means to have good christian friends until you move.

Hey, just thought this was funny, but the word verification was "comin".

Coops said...

+People don't pay as much attention to you as you fear they do

+peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches are a gift from God

Melissa said...

- My Education classes in college were completely useless

- I also wish I'd paid more attention in college

- God orchestrates the small details just as much as He orchestrates the major events. God doesn't even count "major" or "minor." I'm learning to be aware of how and when God works in the minute and random details of my life

- I really need to call Kati

- Sometimes I won't make a difference in someone's life; sometimes I'll never know if I've made a difference. Truth is, it's worth it for the one I know I've impacted

- I very much enjoy the silence in my room after a day of chaos, but I'm learning to love the chaos too

- I miss playing soccer

- I feel awkward for getting excited about a high school Jr/Sr banquet...

Anonymous said...

Blake Moore

+im finding the more i rely on God the less i truly have to worry about because then i can blame it on him!!

+i know God in is the situation if find myself in because i cant manipulate it... that is peaceful.

+college sucks... i wish i could be out and wish i listened more!!

+im going to freeze my bottom off next week in omaha.

+this is fun and you should do more post like this.

i find out if my loan is approved tommorrow, so i can get a momo.

im all out.. but God is good!!

laura said...

- i have been blessed in so many ways this year, i dont even know where to start when it comes to listing them

- im so glad to be done with school

- i need a job

- who is tim tebow?

- i've been reading more lately...and i've even enjoyed it

- sometimes the joy is found in the pain and the journey

- my verification word is "flatmen"...weird

beencalled said...

Who is Tim Tebow?!?
He's Chuck Norris in a Gator Jersey, that's who he is.

James Rowell said...

+ Three and half year old boys are totally unreasonable

+ Teenagers love and feel comfortable in the friendly confines of dysfunction... when things become healthy, they like to create drama

+ We are all in process

+ Being fat or out of shape has absolutely nothing to do with weight

+ Chasing your dreams usually means great sacrifice not great success

+ Living in the context of community is absolutely necessary to have a fighting chance at spiritual health

+ The way of Jesus is not easy, but it's simple

+ I still have issues